fancy delight

this year, i decided to get the chinese new year goodies for my home (usually my mama will be the one grabbing the goodies). previously my friend k introduced me to fancy delight. and i have to say their goodies are indeed “delightful”

fancy delight, actually, is famed for their egg tarts – and of course their infamous flavors – kiwi, banana, chocolate, chicken mushroom and so on. i have yet to try their egg tarts but i heard they are really good (especially now they have opened an outlet near my place – i have no excuse for not buying those egg tarts).

they also dabbled into making delectable cookies. i did not visit any of their outlets. i went to takashimaya where they have a temporary stall there. when i was there, the “ah boy” who was tending the stall was busy with another customer, thus i helped myself with the cookies samples hehehehe – just imagine a kid in a candy store. most of the items i tried are pretty good – you can tell they used quality ingredients, everything tasted fresh and was not overbaked.

indeed delightful

in the end, i picked cornflakes cookies, kueh bangkit and green pea cookies. i love their cornflakes cookies the best* – i dont know, its rather hard to find confectionary stall who can do a good version of it without being sugary and losing the cornflake flavor. i bought these for my boss last year as they are her favorite – she loved it – fyi she is a picky eater when it comes to cookies.

i am not a big pea fan, actually i hate peas. but when they are in the form of snacks, i will eat them. i have not seen green pea cookies before – and i thought its pretty interesting and the texture is very good – melts in your mouth. the same goes for kueh bangkit too.

*when i told “ah boy” my orders of cookies, this lady beside me (she was also the customer “ah boy” was serving while i was trying all the samples) asked if the kueh bangkit was good. i told her yes and immediately shoved the sample to her and made her try. and afterwards i also told her the cornflakes cookies were the best. and i insisted she tried the sample too and told her she must buy. muahahaha. i never felt so aunty!


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