my favorite chocolate chip cookie (so far)

as a home-baker, i believe that one of the easiest things to bake is cookies. its about getting everything in place (aka mise-en-place) and putting the ingredients together.

there is always that few cookies you will start off – oatmeal raisins, sugar cookies and of course chocolate chip cookie (ccc).

i have baked many “versions” of ccc – so far, the one that i like best is from david lebovitz.

roasted chopped walnuts

cookie dough

david lebovitz’s ccc are pretty straightforward – the standard ingredients, cream butter and sugar and mix all in together. the only tedious things you need to do – roast the nuts and refrigerate the dough for a couple of hours. perhaps its the process of letting the dough rest that makes this cookie so good. and what is great about refrigerating the dough – you can also freeze it and bake it as and when you desire (or when your craving strikes!).

chocolate chip cookie

however one thing i do need to emphasize is the quality of ingredients. i made the ccc twice using different brands of chocolate chips. the difference is huge. the first time i made it, i used hershey semi-sweet chocolate chip. the cookies turned out fine but i find it a bit too sweet and not chocolatey. the second time i done it, i decided to splurge a bit (actually the cost difference is not a lot), and used ghirardelli 60% chocolate chips. what a world of difference! you can taste the layers of flavors in the cookies – the sweet vanilla dough, the bitter rich chocolate and the crunchy walnuts. morale of the story – dont be a cheapo when it comes to baking. ha

for the recipe, please visit serious eats recipe!


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