korean lunch and a balala cake

my good friend L cooked fabulous korean food. i was lucky enough when she decided to prepare some for our lunch.

seafood pancake

first stop – my favorite seafood pancake. crispy,chewy, chokeful of seafood (prawns, squids). L also prepared this wonderful soya sauce and vinegar dip to go with the pancake. everything was yum!


yeah to homecooked lunch

next is dukbokkie aka korean rice cake. though the sauce was too spicy for me, but i do enjoy the chewiness of the rice cake and the sweetness you derived (from all the chewing).

though it was a simple two dishes lunch, we were stuffed. but of course, we will always have room for dessert!

banana cake (thank you dorie greenspan)

i baked my all time favorite banana cake* – a sweet ending to a superb lunch.

*when i was a kid, i can never pronouced banana – i ended up screaming balala. thus as and when, as an adult i will still go balala.


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