a curious case of food envy

i am not sure about all of you – after i ordered something, the next thing you know i am eyeing on someone else’s lunch/ dinner instead of focusing on mine – FOOD ENVY!

i was at my favorite japanese restaurant matsuo sushi for lunch (i can only afford their set lunch :p) and the unagi set was the lunch special. included in the set was a plate of salmon sashimi and i thought “oh great. two of my favorite things to eat”. and of course the lady beside me got to order the sashimi set which got me thinking whether i make the right choice for my lunch.

unagi set (S$17)

sadly i didnt make the correct decision. the salmon sashimi was great – cold and fresh. but the unagi. i wished i can say i like it. but the glaze was overly sweet. it was so sweet that i only managed to finish two slices of unagi.

and of course, while i was having my lunch, i keep eyeballing on someone else’s sashimi set and scolding myself for not ordering it.  arghhhhh.

matsuo sushi
1 goldhill plaza
#01-17 goldhill plaza
+65 6356 2603
open daily 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6pm – 10pm

2 thoughts on “a curious case of food envy

  1. I know food envy all too well. I always order the “wrong” dish! Then I’m full of envy and regret all bundled into one. Gah, a glutton’s regret.

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