what’s in de BAG?

puddings from tampopo deli!!

couple of weeks back, we celebrated my colleague j birthday at tampopo. after that, all of us headed off to liang court basement for some ice cream. once we were done, we decided to pop into tampopo deli. i passed by tampopo deli bazillion times, and i never have the urge to go in. BIG mistake. HUGE!

this tiny corner deli is packed with lotsa yummy treats – savory and sweet. they have bento sets, salad, nori rolls for the lunch crowd. and of course they have lotsa loots for people with a sweet tooth.

while the cakes look really pretty (and possibly yummy), i opt for their milk pudding. it is DELICIOUS!!!! the pudding is milky, creamy and silky soft – every bite just slides along my tongue and melts in my mouth. the pudding comes with a small serving of caramel sauce. i don’t need it at all. it is so good on its own.

milk and custard pudding (S$3.20 each)

and of course you can’t blame when i kept craving for it. thus my friend s who works near liang court (and lives near me) saved the day and got me not just my milk pudding but also a custard pudding. unfortunately i do not have much love for the latter simply because it tasted to eggy. you know how much i love eggs *roll eyes*. and after a few bites, i was sick of the custard pudding. while for the milk pudding, i just want to keep having more.

seriously i need to go tampopo deli more often. really.

tampopo deli
177 river valley road
#B1-16 liang court
+656338 7386

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