shimbashi soba

perhaps its singapore hot and humid weather all year round, i always have a weakness for cold soba noodles. there is something so comforting slurping these buckwheat noodles loudly, splattering a bit of the dipping sauce around the face. yes it can be a messy affair but it feels so good.

the first time i tried shimbashi soba, i fall in love with their homemade soba noodles. they tasted fresh, and have a great texture. its been years since i last went to shimbashi, and i am hoping nothing has changed.


value shokado set (S$19.80)

my friend k and i tried two different set lunches at shimbashi. k went for the value shokoda set which consisted of fried chicken, agedashi tofu, assorted tempura and hot udon soup. since she finished all her food, i will assume everything went well.

shokado set b (S$26.80)

for me, my shokoda set consisted of fresh salmon sashimi, unagi, fried soft shell crab and cold soba noodles. the three accompanying dishes were decent though i do find the batter for the soft shell crab was rather thick and abit undercooked. the cold soba noodles were great. the thickness of the noodles was just nice, and they were cooked al dente and i heart the chewiness. although i did wish that they did not pour the dipping sauce in the soba noodles bowl, i would much prefer that they will be separated.

matcha brulee (S$8.80)

despite that we were quite stuffed, we still ordered dessert. k got herself a matcha brulee which was accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream and soba chips, and this time i got a taste of it. like any good creme brulee, it was smooth, rich and creamy. thus i find the vanilla ice cream rather redundant. as for the soba chips, it was abit weird for my taste. the chips were made from the noodles buckwheat flour mixture, they were fried and lightly coated with sugar and sesame. the taste? it was neither sweet nor savory thus equal weird.

green tea ice cream (S$5.80)

as for me, i was seriously stuffed from lunch – i can only managed a scoop of green tea ice cream. and it was the biggest scoop of ice cream i ever had. despite the generosity, i will not be in a hurry to order this again – it was too sweet for my taste and i find the matcha flavor is not as apparent as the creme brulee.

after reviewing the ala-carte menu, i realised that the set lunch is not exactly “valued” as it should be – its rather costly compared some of the ala-carte items. oh well, next time i will just stick to my usual tempura seiro.

shimbashi soba
the paragon
290 orchard road #b1-4
+65 6222 9610

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