there’s no carrot in carrot cake

i am never a big fan of books (especially the ones published locally) featuring singapore hawker food. the truth is when it comes to hawker food and hawker centre, its very subjective. everyone has their own favorite. in my case, i am very lucky to be surrounded by great food around my place thus i do not have to travel far for that yummy plate hokkien mee or that delectable nasi lemak.

there is no carrot in carrot cake is one great book that i totally support. of course i might be biased since one of my friends, roger is the co-author of the book (note: i only discovered that he was the co-author right after i bought the book. i did not even notice his name. ha). and how can you not love the title? (for those who are not well versed in south east asia cuisine, i would suggest that you do a google search or simply get the book).  

i first heard about the book when i saw it in the papers. the book is not about asking food lovers or tourists to visit which hawker stall. rather its talked about the history of local cuisine, giving everyone an idea about the food they might be eating, abit of history and my favorite bit – teaching the non-locals (and maybe some locals) how to order the food (though it always amuse me to see people order wrongly and got scolded by grumpy hawker. kekekeke).

of course, the book did not leave anyone stranded if they are unsure where to go and find all these great food. they have an index of possible hawker centres that one can explore. i would not go screaming that i approved the list entirely – as i said earlier, everything is subjective. however the list is exhausive – so you bound to find something great.

this book contained great pictures, nuggets of historical information, and most importanly it will leave you drooling and wanting more.

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