honeymoon dessert

recently my friend k and i were at vivocity for dinner. after a savory meal, we were both looking for a sweet bite. as we finished our dinner rather early, the usually long-queue honeymoon dessert was pretty empty thus we decided to give it a try.

the menu

icons of the shop

honeymoon dessert originally started in hongkong – land of yummy cantonese dessert – and they have expanded and opened branches around asia.

the menu was choked full of dessert choices. you can get the traditional mango sago, green bean soup to modern desserts such as sago with vanilla sauce, durian pancake.

i dont know what went on with me that day – i actually craved for red bean soup. just a bit background about me – i detest red bean soup. i dont fancy red bean at all. when its comes to dessert, red bean will never be my top choice. thus that day i think my nerves must be tripped.

red bean soup

the red bean soup that was served at honeymoon dessert was pretty bad. well i could be biased since i am not a big red bean fan. i found the soup to be gritty and very sweet. to make things worse, the red beans were so cooked that they tasted mushy. to be honest, the red bean soup served at weddings was much better.

sago with vanilla sauce and green tea ice cream

k ordered the sago with vanilla sauce with an addition green tea ice cream. she said that the vanilla sauce tasted coconutish thus either they have made a mistake or the vanilla sauce was the sane as coconut sauce. after awhile, she got sick of the vanilla sauce and only finished her green tea ice cream.

will i go back to honeymoon dessert? the chances are very low. most of the time the place is packed and i certainly will not be bothered to queue for the dessert. and the service at this place is a bit off putting too – slow and the waitress did not seem to know what is doing.

honeymoon dessert
1 harbourfront walk
#01-93 vivocity
+656376 8027

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