birthday feast at … chef chazza!

as much as i like to go out and dine in the newest restaurant, when it comes to big group, nothing is better than good old house party.

setting up the table

like any house party, it was potluck – this meant everyone was supposed to bring a dish. note the word “supposed” – i will explain that later. ha.

veggie shepherd pie

first up, vegetables shepherd pie. my friend w got hers from the shepherd pie. it was alright – the filling was decent however the mash potatoes were a bit dry and lack of flavor. you know me, i am a big fan of butter and i was not tasting that in the mash.

chef chazza at work

fish cutlets

chef chazza took the big task of preparing two items for the party – fish cutlets and mushroom soup. both dishes were divine and how can you go wrong with comfort food. i especially love the fish cutlets – they were a mish mash of fish and potatoes, mixed with some spices and fried. i also brought along my homemade mustard to go with it. they go pretty well together.

mushroom soup

the mushroom soup was thick and rich. chef chazza replaced cream with potatoes to ensure the soup maintained its richness and flavor. and of course, she was trying to make the soup healthier too. i do wish she had use cream. after awhile i found the soup abit starchy. still i could never resist potatoes, i finished the entire bowl of soup.

pasta salad

next was abh pasta salad. abh was supposed to make the salad. well, let just said cooking is not her forte. chef chazza and her husband, a, helped with the salad which consist of mixed salad leaves, pasta, cheddar cheese and onion. it was a great salad with yummy dressing.

and you asked what did i bring? i baked a box of chocolate chip cookies which i will share with all of you in the next entry.

strawberry balsamic cake

of course, it will not be a birthday celebration without a cake. duh! c got me a lovely strawberry balsamic cake from cedele depot. i love the cream cheese frosting but the strawberry jam was way too sweet for me.

say cheese!

as usual we ended the night with our standard “big family” shot :)


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