fishy matters

remember the wonderful stall that served yummy and cheap chee cheong fan and yam cake? guess who went back there again??

as much as i like to stick to my usual, i decided to be brave and try something new.

fish porridge (S$2)

though it was a hot day, i went for the fish porridge and yusheng (raw fish slices). i am quite surprised that the fish porridge (or congee) was not very hot, just the right temperature (i feel very goldilocks as i typed this. ha). the congee was oozy and flavorful and all the rice grains were fully broken down, and they are definitely not stingy on the fish too.

yusheng (S$3)

the yusheng was not as fresh and refreshing as i hope it could be. but every bite was still packed with flavor – the lime, chilli and sesame seed oil just worked so well together. and you definitely need the shredded lettuce to cut through the richness of this dish. this is one dish you have to share with someone. i was struggling to finish it all by myself.

there are still many wonderful loots that i want to try from the stall (soon kueh!). and yes i will be back!  

chinatown food centre
blk 335 smith street

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