birthday feast at … wild rocket

as i grow older (and greedier), i no longer that look forward to birthday presents – i rather asked my friend to spend that money on a good meal. this is what k did for me!

its been awhile since i went to wild rocket and i thought this will be a great opportunity to revisit this little restaurant.

wild rocket is located at the uphill “budget” hangout hotel. once we were there, we noticed that wild rocket just went through a revamp. k and i concluded that we did not really like the new layout. there was a lack of openess and the decor was a bit too chi-chi for me.

as we did not make any reservation, we were placed near the entrance (blah). once seated, pipping hot homemade bread were served to us. i am just amazed that after all these years, the standard of the bread never dropped – delicious and moist. served with extra virgin olive oil (with balsamic vinegar) or/ and butter.

beef carpaccio

we ordered a beef carpaccio for starter. the thing is i am not a big fan of raw beef (or raw meat in general). however among all the choices, only the beef carpaccio caught my eyes. i braced myself for the first bite – it was good. very good. the beef carpaccio was done in thai style – a bit tom-yumish flavor, topped with olives, peanuts and wild rocket leaves (duh). it was not bloody and it did not have a raw meat taste. the thin slice of beef was tender and surprisingly juicy.

crabmeat linguine

for my main, i ordered a crabmeat linguine. i love the creamy tomato sauce. however the sauce was rather rich thus the subtle flavor of the crabmeat was buried in it. the pasta used, i suspected, was not not your usual plain flour pasta – i think it made of whole wheat and maybe buckwheat. thus the pasta was much chewy and “meatier”.

soy sauce pork ragu

for k, she ordered a soy sauce pork ragu. wild rocket is famous for their fusion cuisine – refining/ desconstructing local favorites and classic dishes. for the pork ragu, its a rehash of a classic hokkien kong-bak bao aka plain bun stuffed with braised pork belly. instead of the bun, cannelloni was used instead. looking at k, i think she was pretty happy with her dish.

crabmeat mash potato

we also ordered a side of crabmeat mash potato to share. k love it. as for me, it was alright. my ideal mash potato involved lotsa of cream, butter and salt. the wild rocket version is more upscale – the potatoes were not fully mashed to retain certain texture. despite me having a bland palette, i find their mash was not well seasoned.

strawberry cheesecake and salted caramel kaya banoffee pie

as always, we needed to end the meal with dessert (each of course) to feel complete.

i got myself the classic strawberry cheesecake and k got the salted caramel kaya banoffee pie. both desserts were clearly in their descontructed form. for my cheesecake, the graham cracker base was used a topping. the rest of the cheesecake components were mish-mash together. they also used creme fraiche to go along with the cheesecake – which i quite like – the sourness of it cut through the sweetness of cream cheese.

for the salted caramel kaya banoffee pie, k was rather sad that it did not come in the form of a proper pie. the salted caramel and kaya were subtle; i felt they were overpowered by the bananas that were added in the pie. the kaya was stuck at the bottom the glass – perhaps they should have layered more so that the flavors of salted caramel and kaya could be more pronounced.


of course we finally ended the sweet meal with a lovely present from k. it was not exactly a surprise as i selected the pouch at my friend shop (SHOUT OUT: if you are a lover of retro vintage loots or just looking for some unique great gifts or need a new bag (we always need bags!), please go to I WANT THAT. its a phenomenon store. go go go.) still it always good to have a present (just ignore what i said earlier. ha).

wild rocket
hangout hotel
10A upper wilkie road
+65 633 99448
tue-sat – 12pm – 3pm and 630pm – 11pm; sun – 1130am – 3pm and 630pm – 1030pm (closed on mondays)

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