what’s in de BAG?

since i stopped going for my yoga classes, i also stopped visting mirabelle for my dose of bready goodness. thus on one of my day-off, i decided to drop by to mirabelle to pick up some loots.

i arrived at mirabelle around 3pm and i was told the croissants were all sold out. SADNESS! i picked myself up and went on to select some buns for snacks.

bamboo charcoal custard bun (S$2)

i got my usual favorite bamboo charcoal custard bun. the bun has a subtle smoky taste which go oh-so-well with the creamy sweet custard. as normal, greedy me just want more custard in the bun. ha.

golden cream cheese bun (S$2)

at mirabelle, i also spotted something new. and very pretty too. its the golden cream cheese bun – it is one seriously good looking bun. ohhh did i forget to mention its delicious too? the outer layer of cheese (which i think its cheddar) is slightly salty and crisp while the inside is filled with oozy cream cheese.

the inside

the beauty of the bun is not just on the outside. the inside is pretty awesome too – the salty cheese layer poofed up during baking and the cream cheese filling formed an inner pocket. its just so cute.

though the prices for the bread have went up quite a bit, they are still good quality breads. and i cannot never stress enough that we must support indie bakeries like mirabelle!

mirabelle patisserie
27 mackenzie road
+65 6238 6235
mon-sat, 745am – 745pm

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