my instant noodles

i have this thing for instant noodles.

my instant goodness

the addiction started when i was in university. instant noodles is like a staple diet for all students. its like on top of the food pyramid. i remembered carrying boxes of them from the oriental shop back to my apartment (yes boxes). when you have a deadline to meet, hungry and sick of cereal, nothing rocks your world at 3am in the morning like a bowl of steaming hot, well sauced noodles, giving you that much needed energy boost for the rest of the night.

of course, as you get older, you know that you are not supposed to eat so much instant food *guilty*. however i cant get rid of that addiction. thus i created my own instant noodles.

hello chillis and ikan bilis

for the sauce, all you need is vegetarian oyster sauce (you can use normal oyster sauce – i just find it abit strong in flavor), sesame seed oil and chilli. for the chilli, i am lucky my mama made some good kick-ass ikan billis chilli which just rock it with the oyster sauce and sesame seed oil. oohhh for the noodles, i like to use this noodles called “jian kang mian” which literally translate to healthy noodles – these noodles are made from soya bean. thus the texture of the noodles are lighter and easy on the throat.

though the noodles are plain and simple, i can probably eat this everyday. my kind of instant goodness.


One thought on “my instant noodles

  1. i can’t stop being addicted to instant noodles. i guess it can’t be helped. this is the only food that can be made without requiring a good cooking skill. btw, the instant noodles you created, it looks so yummies! ah reading this entry makes me hungry…

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