putien – my kind of comfort food

i have been putien many times. i really mean many. my colleagues and i often go there for lunch. though its usually a little expensive for lunch, i cannot resist putien.


putien is a chinese restaurant specialising in heng hwa (fujian province) cuisine. the dishes offered in putien are simple yet so flavorful and well seasoned. with the exception of the pork dishes, i have so far enjoyed every dish that i eaten at putien.

bye chin

my good friend c is going off to california (for love!!!) so i decided to buy her a sorta farewell lunch at putien where i think she will enjoy the food.

baiye shredded tofu (S$7.90)

c ordered the baiye shredded tofu which i never had before. it was yummy. though it looked plain, i quite enjoyed the subtle flavor of the shredded tofu. it was light and refreshing – a great appetizer.

spinach with century egg and salted egg (and GARLIC!!!) (S$12.90)

next was my all-time-favorite spinach with century egg and salted egg (and garlic!!!). unlike some versions you get in other restaurant, the broth was thick and choke with brothy goodness. i only wished i had a bowl of rice to go with it. and ohhh the garlic. after cooking with the spinach, the garlic lost its sharpness and tasted oh so sweet. awwww.

stir fried yam (S$10.90)

we also ordered the stir fried yam. i love yam. i do not know is it a teochew thing but there is something very comforting about yam. the putien version is gorgeous. the yam has a caramelised coating which is crisp and sweet and the inside is firm yet fluffy.

putien beehoon (S$7.90)

and a great chinese meal will not be complete without a carb dish – the infamous putien beehoon. the beehoon was cooked with lotsa of pork belly (no touch), prawn, clam, tofu, seaweed and so on, i am happy with just the plain noodles. its a delight to just keep eating the beehoon. you do not feel sick and seriously i can eat this dish everyday.

i always find great comfort in eating chinese food. there are so many kinds and the varieties! i really enjoy the food at putien – so it has not disappoint me and i always find great pleasure.

they have outlets everywhere in singapore. so far i have tried the ones at tampines and parkway – both are great

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