what’s in de BAG?

my first fresh fig! yes its my first taste of  a fig. i know its rather unbelievable that i have yet to try a fig till now. but its just not that common here in singapore. i think (since its fig season now, i did try to find some in jason supermarket today and they dont have!!).

my first fresh fig!

i got these figs during the ramandan and from ntuc too (i know. i am surprised too). these babies were not cheap – S$5.95 for 4 pieces. to be honest, they were pretty worth it if you have yet to try fig. the taste is sweet, jammy, and just melt in your mouth. i would say the texture is closer to a date (though i intially thought it would taste more like a plum). i quite like the seeds as they provide that much needed crunch for this delicious fruit.

the rest of the loots

ohhh for the rest of the items in my bag – a bag of red rock deli lime and black pepper chip (my favorite!), hunt’s diced tomatoes (for pizza base) and borges olives (for stecca).


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