strawberry cream cheese breakfast buns

whenever a friend’s birthday is approaching, i will always try my best to give them something homemade. i think we have lost the art of giving homemade presents. i think the only people who still do homemade gifts are kids. thus i find it abolutely endearing when my niece sarah loudly reminded her brother that he forgot to give her a birthday card. how cute.

its my good friend l’s birthday and my dear friend is also queen of homemade (ooohhh a shout out to her gorgeous shoppe!!) so how can i give her something that is mass produced and commercialised!!

close up

i woke up really early (on a saturday) to make magnolia bakery raspberry cream cheese breakfast buns. the original receipe called for raspberry preserve however i only have strawberry preserve so that was what i used.

you can basically use whatever preserve you have in your pantry (btw preserve is also jam; i personally like to use bonne maman – i quite digged the taste of their preserves). one thing you need to know that these breakfast buns are pretty heavy and dense in terms of taste (cream cheese) thus you might want to use something that is more sourish and tarty to accompany them. based on the preserve you used, you might also want to adjust the amount the sugar. i wished i have used raspberry preserve instead of strawberry when i made these. i think the sourness of the raspberry is enough to cut through the heaviness brought by the cream cheese.

birthday pack

these breakfast buns are quick and easy to make (i took less than an hour for prepping and baking). my mom was rather shocked that how fast i was done with everything.


once the buns have cooled, i packed them in a personalised paper bag, stuck a disclaimer label and viola homemade pressie!! and of course de birthday girl obediently finished everything within three days.

One thought on “strawberry cream cheese breakfast buns

  1. Wah lau! Looks good man! What do I have to do to get some? I don’t mind doing some begging and grovelling. I shameless when it comes to food.

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