bbq chicken

there are days when you feel so bleah that out of nowhere you decided to call that lousy day a junk food day. i had one of those days and junk food was very much needed.

a new fried chicken store just opened near my place – bbq chicken touts itself as korean no. 1 chicken restaurant. i dragged my friend/ neighbor s to kovan mall. when we reached de place, we were a bit shocked that it was a proper restaurant. we were thinking it will be like kfc where you get the food over the counter.

there were quite a bit of choices at bbq chicken. since s was not very hungry, we ordered two sides – nachos and chilli wings.


if you go bbq website, the nachos presented on the site DO NOT coincide with what was presented at the restaurant. that being said, it was not a terrible nachos dish. the nachos were warm, the salsa tasted fresh. the only thing i detest was the use of mayo and “spray on” cheese. hate.

chilli wings

next was the chilli wings. seriously they shouldnt have call it chilli wings. firstly it was NOT spicy at all. secondly the wings tasted like cantonese prawn paste chicken. really. smell and taste exactly like it. and man, it was bloody salty too (i was dying for a bowl of white rice to go with the chicken). as for the accompanying chilli sauce, dont bother with it – no heat, no kick and its gingery. the only thing i fancy from the plate was the pickled cucumber and carrot that came as a side.

unless i have an insatiable craving for super salty prawn paste chicken, chances of me going back to bbq chicken is low. very low.

bbq chicken (they have outlets around the island)
kovan mall, 2nd floor

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