the man who ate everything

i am like 10 years plus late reading this book. i know i should have started reading jeffrey steingarten “the man who ate everything” like ages ago. one great thing about this book is that its almost a classic – this means you can pick it up any time you want.

mr steingarten is the (in)famous food writer for vogue magazine. i actually discovered him via another source. despite being a food writer/ critic, mr steingarten is really INTO food. literally. i am highly impressed with his devotion of perfecting that loaf of bread. doing (scientific) research about food (do you know you can die from eating too much spinach??). and i dare say he might be one of those who really treat food as a form of art and science (ohhh lets not forget harold mcgee).

i can imagine when “the man who ate everything” was launched in 1998 – it would have create a stir in the food and restaurant industry. however me being 10 years late with this book, was sad that some of the great things that mr steingarten has envisioned might have gone poof in the air. and i also dont think he will ever wanna eat mcdonald fries again.

the book is not just a reflection of the man pursuit for good food, it shows how much passion and respect he has for food. he understands the produces, finds the best way to cook the produces and shares his passion with the rest. most importantly he is so not apologetic about the use of butter (YEAH to butter!!!)  by the way, i am not kidding when i said the man is passionate about food. the things he has done … i do not even know where to start.

i am not going to lie to say  that this is a damn great book to read. firstly you must remember i am 10 years behind time. at times, you are going to get bored because he just went on and on and sometimes you wished mr steingarten just get over it (oh well, if he did get over it, i think i will not be that impressed with him. argghhh its a vicious cycle). that being said, its still a good read – it will leave you salivate and hungry for more.

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