paradise inn

despite mdm tan fantastic cooking, i love eating at chinese restaurants. there are some dishes that are difficult to recreate at home – it could be because its too taxing, not mdm tan specialty (teochew cuisine) and so on. there is something very comforting about eating chinese food. that bowl of steam rice or porridge and all the dishes. awwww.

i needed to get a new router for the house so i hop my way to funan. ohh did i mention i was also supposed to meet my friend s for dinner? it was a friday when we planned our meeting. and i was scared of town so funan also seem to be the ideal place.

one peanut for mr muscle

there was a chinese retaurant – paradise inn – that i have been wanting to try. heard quite abit of good things about it. while waiting for mr muscle (s boyfriend), we ordered two pots of (flower) tea (sorry totally forgot the names of the tea). they were pretty yummy – because they were flower tea, they do not leave a tartiness on your tongues which of course might totally destroy your taste buds for the night.

flower teas

close up

we ordered some simple dishes to share. we also ordered porridge and rice.

spinach with three eggs

one of my all time favorite dishes is chinese spinach with three eggs – century egg, salted egg and chicken egg. what i love about this dish is the broth – it take in the essence of the spinach, eggs and garlic (YEAH!). despite that it is clear broth, the taste is smooth, rich and savory. paradise inn version was pretty decent though i think the spinach needs a bit more cooking.

mapo tofu

next is spicy mapo tofu. this dish had pretty good flavor – the tofu acts as a good base for the sauce. the only complaint – it was NOT spicy at all.

we also ordered a steam prawns with vermicelli (tang hu). the tang hu was chewy and not very pleasant to eat. and we got a doubled boiled fish head soup. i have no idea what fish they used, but the fish was really meaty – its the first time i almost mistaked fish as meat! i have not much love for the soup as they added pork in the soup – so.

during the dinner, i was eyeing the orh nee (sweet yam/ taro). however due to the disappointing steam prawns, i decided to take the safe route of sweet corn and chestnut which was pretty refreshing. s got a ginger custard which tasted like steamed egg with ginger soup. hmmm. that is all i am saying.

well praradise inn has its highs and lows. that being said, i will stick to my good old imperial treasure.

paradise inn (they have outlets everywhere around singapore)
109 north bridge road
#02-10/11 funan digitalife mall
+65 6338 4018  
daily – 11.30am – 9.30pm

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