an (unexpected) lunch

a couple of fridays ago, i needed to run some errands in the cbd (central business district) area. after i was done with my business, i was famished and looking for some grubs. bad idea! i have not work in cbd for years and i got horribly lost. and the number of people during lunch time is amazing. all i can see is a sea of black (suits) (and yes even on a friday).

i text k and told her i was drowning in cbd. she buzzed me and asked if i wanted to swing by her place for lunch. i immediately said YES (and of course i got lost on the way to the train station too. FAILED!).

i been wanting to try aoba hokkaido ramen for de longest time so i conjured k to give it a shot. there was a tiny queue at de vivocity outlet but it was not a very long wait. k ordered de lunch special which is a porky ramen (done in shoyu style) with a side of fried chicken. unfortunately all the lunch specials involved porky meat, i have to give them a miss. instead  i got myself the scallop noodles (shio).

porky shoyu ramen

i managed to have a taste of k’s shoyu ramen. shoyu broth is often based on a protein and vegetable. plenty of soy sauce is also added thus producing a dark brown colored broth. in this case, i dont really like the taste of the broth as i find it rather rich and of course porky. ohhh and salty too. i believed that was the works of the soy sauce.

scallop shio ramen

now for my shio scallop ramen, de broth is pretty good. i like it as it is pretty light and goes very well with the noodles which pretty heavy in taste. i was quite surprised that they have given me quite a number of scallops. as expected, the scallops were overcooked and chewy (why cant they get it right??!!). still i managed to slurp up the soup and scallops. i left quite a bit of noodles – i dont fancy the alkaline/ gan shui taste in the noodles (hence the heavy in taste) and my stomach does not digest yellow noodles very well too (sigh. sign of old age). ohh btw dont bother with the sides at aoba – we had fried chicken and soft shelled crabs – mediocre.

after our noodles, k got a call and was told she need not go back to the office. as for me, let just keep it from my boss.

fruit paradise!!!

we decided to extend our lunch further (since no one needs to rush back) by dropping by my all time favorite pie/tart place – fruit paradise. despite its friggin pricey tart (its about S$7-S$8 per slice), i absolutely love de fresh cream and fruits they used in the tart. my favorite among all? de grapefuit and orange tart.

however for that day, i decided to order a berry chocolate tart and k got her mango tart. ohhh and we got the tea set (S$9.95) which consists of a tart and a pot of tea.

berry chocolate tart

overall the berry chocolate tart was alright. de only thing i disliked was the chocolate mousse. it was blah, no flavor, oily and taste like cheap chocolate.

mango tart

k's leftover mangoes

as for k, she devoured the sponge cake and the cream. fyi the whole purpose of her eating the tart is so she can eat the cream. yes. i know. she actually scraped away the mangoes. yes yes. i can see all your faces right now. but look at it this way, i was the one who benefited from it. mangoes were all mine.

we ended our lunch with a bit of shopping at daiso. k went home for a nap while i go back to finish up my work. happy day!

aoba ramen (as far as i know, they have another outlet in ion, basement three)
vivocity, #01-104
+65 63769519
1130am -945pm
fruit paradise (its pretty much everywhere now – orchard central, raffles city, tampines 1)
vivocity, #01-59
+65 63769978

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