texas chicken

i loveeee fried chicken and i am not shy to admit that. there is something so comforting about fried chicken – crispy skin on de outside and moist and juicy meat inside. i am also very picky about my fried chicken. i am no longer a fan of kfc chicken (unless i am eating them in malaysia. their kfc original flavor rocks!). i am totally spoilt by popeyes – even the sides are fantastic.

recently, at singapore expo (near my workplace), a new chain of fried chicken outlet – texas chicken – has opened. it said it originated from san antonio, texas (of course). de usual chicken story, secret recipe … secret marinate … fried to the crisp. since i was just done shopping at expo, i decided to swing by texas chicken for a quick bite.

they have a pretty good variety – chicken bits, chicken tenders, chicken subs and so on. they also have the usual sides of coleslaw, mash potatoes and fries. i chose the kid meal which consists of 2 pieces of chicken strips and a small side of fries (and a drink).

kid's meal

though de chicken was rather juicy, de batter/ chicken skin was clearly lacking of flavor and seasoning. thus after a few bites, i got a bit sick of the chicken as everything tasted bleah. for de fries, i cannot believe i am saying this but it lack of salt (has prices of salt gone up??). de only saving grace was that the fries werehot and crispy.

would i go back to texas chicken? chances are very low.

texas chicken
singapore expo (near hall 4)
mon-fri: 11am – 9pm, sat-sun: 11am – 10pm

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