good ole blueberry muffins

whenever i feel like baking something and i do not know what to bake, i turned to de classics – butter pound cake, muffins and so on. since its still the blueberry season (i LOVE blueberries!!!), i felt the need to bake de good ole blueberry muffins.

there are alot of pretty good recipes out there for blueberry muffins – i know i am dying to try this one. i stuck with the one from my all time favorite bake book – king arthur flour baker’s companion. they are simple to make – de only work you really need to do is perhaps mashing the blueberries abit. ha.

while most muffin recipes often called for sour cream, yoghurt or buttermilk (all these make the muffins more fluffy), the kaf one uses milk. this i like. de truth is my house rarely stocks on sour cream, (plain) yoghurt or buttermilk. i only buy them if a recipe calls for it. chances of me chucking away the leftover is very high too.

thus to make muffin a little less “solid”, i used 2 small eggs instead of 1 large egg to produce a more cakey muffin. ohhh and muffins are really one of those baked best to be eaten warm and on de day they were baked. i wouldnt keep them for more than 2 days.


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