evo and yoghurt cake – just not my cup of tea

while i was still obsessing with dorie greenspan wonderful baked book, i also discovered that she did this column with serious eats – baking with dorie. one of the recipes that was featured was evo (extra virgin olive oil) and yoghurt cake.

i am always curious about new flavor (i am still wondering how does olive oil gelato taste like). i have made muffins and brownies withvegetable oil. olive oil?? hmmm. and extra virgin olive oil too?? evo has pretty strong fruity flavor and with the lime zest added, i thought this recipe might totally work.

lime zest and sugar

this is the thing – the recipe works. however de output is just not my cup of tea. the cake that i have produced has de texture of a pound, everything is firmly packed. but its de evo taste that i cannot get pass. perhaps its de evo that i used (i used waitrose). i just felt that the cake lack of something – i was friggin craving for butter!!!!

evo and yoghurt cake

i love butter to death. if i have to name ONE ingredient that i must have, chances are it will be butter. butter just made everything taste better. i am not a big fan of french cuisine BUT i just love it when they finished off a protein by basting it with butter. awwwww.

this might be a great cake for some. but for me, i really needed a much strong flavor (aka butter).


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