homemade pizza

i have been wanting to make my own pizza for de longest time. initially i wanted to try out the king arthur flour recipe recipe (i even bought de semolina flour). since i got jim lahey’s no knead bread book, and he being my latest bread hero, i thought i ought to give his recipe a shot.

once agan, lahey’s pizza dough was easy and you only need five ingredients – bread flour, sugar, salt, yeast and water. like de title of his book, there was no kneading involving. and this time round, you do not need to wait that long for the dough to proof – just 2 hours for the first rise and 30 minutes for the second rise.

like how de italians will do it, you also do not need to use your rolling pin to spread de dough on your pan. you used your fingers! i find the process very fun and therapeutic too.

i also used laughey recipe for tomato sauce. his version is more “liquidish”. what i like about the recipe is its simplicity and of course there is NO need to boil down/ reduce the sauce. all you need is a can of diced tomatoes (i used hunt as its an american brand and lahey measurement is all american based. so duhhhh), extra virgin olive oil and salt. dump everything in an immersion blender and viola (btw if you do not have blender or food processor, dun despair. you can always use motar and pestle).

i wanted to make a simple tomato, mozzarella and basil pizza. as i stand at the cheese section for 15 minutes, i just cun bear to spend $10 on a piece of buffalo mozzarella (and i need two pieces). in de end, i bought some coon pizza cheese and portobello mushroom.

i first let the dough (with the tomato sauce on it) bake for 15 minutes before i spread the cheese and mushroom (i precook the mushroom – i stir-fried them with some garlic; in this way i kinda reduce the cooking time of de pizza).

de only major issue i have with the recipe is the oven temperature (i have de same problem when i was making the bread). it was way too high – de recipe was asking for 500 degrees F /260 degree C. that is bloody hot. i did reduce to 240 degree C but i still find it too hot. i find the pizza hardened faster than i expected. thank god i precooked my mushroom.

i took de pizza out from the oven real fast and made my parents eat them immediately. my mum lovessss it (she actually pestered me to make de pizza again). i had a leftover piece – it was sitting at the table for awhile – i attempted to eat it without re-heating. as expected, it was pretty hard.

despite my oven temperature problem, i like lahey simple approach to food, and will definitely try to make pizza again with my preferred temperature. ha.


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