the man who ate the world: in search of the perfect dinner

i read jay rayner’s the man who ate the world like months of ago. and why i took so long to write this entry. there is a pretty shallow reason to it. but first.

i saw this book at kino and saw one of my culinary heroes’ name (aka mario batali) smacked in front. at that times, i have yet to watch top chef masters thus i have zero clue who jay rayner was. ohhh btw he is a restaurant critic for the guardian, uk.

ok de reason why i didnt blog about this really funny book for this long is becase i lent the book to a friend (and i have yet to get it back). and you know me, being a photography whore, i wanted to get a picture and so on. and during this period of time, i also found a pretty good review of the book too. go read it.

i am not going to claim i remembered de content of the entire book. but there are a few snippets that really made this book a good read. jay rayner set the pace of the book by describing about how he came to love/ discover food (and almost set fire to a restaurant too).

the book tracked his journey to different places and eating at some of the countries’ best restaurants. some of de entries were really hilarious. man reallydoes all sort of stuff to get his tummy filled. from befriending russian mafia to trying some weird octopus in japan (and he cannot spit it out in front of de chef). and my favorite, being watched by joel robuchon while dining at his restaurant.

if you love food and think fine dining is de greatest thing, read his book. will totally enlighten you.


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