birthday bash … happy birthday sista!!!

yeah another birthday bash!! and its my good friend, di birthday bash!! di was my ex-colleague. we had an amazing bond. we (or rather i) can just radomly tell her silly things and she will catch on and continue the conversation. we even conspired to trick some of our friends in card game. ha.

i text her a couple of weeks before de birthday dinner and asked where would she like to go – she chosen de good old cedele depot.

cedele depot started off as a bakery (using organic produce) at de east coast. and slowly they developed into bistro serving pretty decent sandwiches. and now some of these bistro served hot items such as pasta, all day breakfast. de one we went does that.

sirloin beef sandwich

all of us ordered our own main. m got herself a sirloin beef sandwich which looked mighty good.

fish pesto garlic pasta

both di and i ordered de fish pesto garlic pasta. de pesto was rather mild but de fish was not overcooked. and de pasta was also ladened with lotsa of french beans and peppers. i like.

shredded beef ragu

i also had a taste of s shredded ragu pasta. it was beefy, flavorful. but i do find de tomato sauce on de pastey side thus making de paste rather rich.

birthday cakes!

and how can we not have cakes for birthday?! we ordered de famous cedele carrot cake and chocolate truffle cake. de carrot cake is superb with de right amount of cream cheese while de latter was so chocolatey and oh-so-rich. our tummies were very happy!

cedele depot
501 orchard road #03-14
wheelock place
+65-6732 8520
sun – thu: 10am-10pm; fri-sat: 10am-11pm
(cedele depot has outlets all over singapore, we just happened to go to de one in the city)

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