classic banana bundt cake

i am seriously obsessed with dorie greenspan’s from my home to yours. this is like de third recipe that i tried. and i got her book like a month ago??

i always like to do a bundt cake. actually i love de bundt pan more. hey who dont like a patterned cake? ha. i chose to bake a simple banana cake and of course it helps when i have a few overripe bananas sitting in de kitchen. i think its pretty crucial to get overripe bananas for this recipe. i think it brings a lot more flavor and sweetness to de cake (sidetrack: i also heard that organic bananas are great too. i have a love hate relationship with organic produce (lets leave it for next time) but i would definitely try this cake with organic bananas next round).

i was rather nervous when making this cake as firstly this is going to be de biggest cake i ever bake. because its de biggest cake, i do not want screw it up and waste all de ingredients. still this is a pretty easy cake to bake. you just need to be careful about the browning of the top as de cake will be in de oven for at least an hour.

as advised by dorie greenspan, this is one cake you do not want to eat immediately. i tried a slice once its cooled and a slice a day after. it was a HUGE difference. de fresh slice was really sweet and i can taste de baking soda. while de day old slice was flavorful, mildy sweet and everything was well balanced. and of course, its no harm if you want to add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream!

as you might know by now, i do not publish recipes here unless they are my own. dorie greenspan contributed this banana cake recipe on serious eats. all you need to do is double de ingredients and bake for 65-75 minutes.


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