birthday bash … happy birthday ma-li-en

(note: i have like quite a few birthday bashes to write for this couple of days. so bear with me as it will be mostly about de people, silly jokes that we shared and of course de food)

someone covered d birthday girl face

my friend, m, recently turned 29 (yup one more year to de big 3-0). as i was away to langkawi on her big day, my friends and i did a belated celebration for her at district 10.

district 10 is medium-sized bistro converted from de old monk hill secondary (right beside newton food centre). it has both outdoor and indoor space. and a tiny bar area. i was de first to arrive and since i made de reservation before, i was given the seats inside. i was ok with the inside seating as you have the attention of the waiters and you also get a sneak of the open kitchen. and not forgetting de view of the towering wine collection. however after a while, the a/c was killing me and i asked to be seated near the bar where de temperature was more bearable (sidetrack: if de weather was better that day, i would have opt for de outdoors – more rustic more spacious).

as we were starving, we ordered quite a bit of food – monk school combo platter, 2 servings of burger and chips and a chilli crab pizza.


first came de monk school combo platter (S$26) which is basically a plate full of fried food – fish fritter, duck spring rolls, potatoes wedges, calamari, buffalo wings and tiger prawn. i wun scream and shout about this platter – i got a suspicious feeling that most of the items of the platters were not seasoned or de batter was under-seasoned. its just fried food. even de buffalo wings were forgettable.

singapore chilli crab pizza (S$25)

next up is de singapore chilli crab pizza with soft shelled crab. i quite like de pizza base – crispy crust and chewy dough. for de base, i guessed it meant to be chilli crab sauce? if yes, nothing came through. its just tomatoes and chilli mish mash together – there is definitely not much taste of garlic, egg and spices that you associate with chilli crab. soft shelled crab was normal – i got a feeling that it was included in this dish because we, singaporeans like soft shelled crab (or rather de ones that i know). as for de arugula, i love this baby but it shouldnt be on that dish. its peppery flavor just overpowered everything. to be honest, i rather they stick with de traditional flavor rather than an inspired dish.

burger and chips (S$19)

we all get a serving of de burger – di and i shared a medium raw burger. when i cut open de burger, i thought it looked pretty promising as firstly it really medium raw. the blood aint oozing out this means de burger did get a chance to be rested. i rarely complained food being under-seasoned. but de burger was lacking that beefy taste – it was crying for salt to bring out that beefiness. and surprisingly i find de meat abit slimy like (its not disgusting slimy but it just a weird slimy texture). however for de price you paid, this is a good hearty burger and de chips were pretty good.


we were friggin full from dinner and had no space for dessert. almost no space. we decided to make our way to newton food centre for some good old local dessert – i was craving for cheng tng!!!! when we went to de first stall, they sell no cheng tng. i was rather upset. until di directed us to another dessert stall. YEAH they have cheng tng and ice kacang. we ambitiously ordered de $2 cheng tng.

its a GOOD cheng tng. it not just have de traditional ingredients you find in cheng tng. de owner also added things like palm seed, and my favorite aloe vera. for $2, its worth every penny. oh btw i do not remember which stall is it. all i know is they sell cheng tng (at 2 prices – $1.50 and $2), ice kacang and if i remembered correctly, they have sugar cane juice too.

district 10
10 Winstedt Road #01-17
+65 6738 4788
mon – thu: 1130am – 12am; fri -sat: 10am – 1am; sun: 10am – 12am

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