de oink cafe guide to … langkawi! cloudy day, beautiful food

though bon ton does not provide “buffet breakfast” like most resorts or hotels, they do provide a pretty good breakfast. the night before, they will load your fridge with homemade bread, cakes and fruits. and this changes daily. de day i went, i had de lovely walnut bread and good old chocolate cake. bon ton also provide jams and honey from bonne maman! sweet!

emptiness. bliss.

de unfortunate thing that happened during my stay was de weather. it was not doing very well. de day was cloudy. however this also mean that there were almost no one at de pool. i took de opportunity and laze at de pool de entire. furthermore de resort is so exclusive, even if everyone is at de pool, it will still be alright.

another villa

after a while, i got a bit hungry and decided to grab a quick bite at nam. though i was tempted to try de nonya laksa (thanks to de operations guy ahmir recommendation), i decided to try de nonya fried rice instead. de nonya fried rice is more like nasi padang – plain rice served with tasting dishes. in this case, nam served their rice with beef rendeng, chicken satay, chilli prawn, acar, omelette, green bean and vegetable crackers. compared to de dinner i had de night before, this dish steals my heart (in terms of price, portion and yumminess).

nonya fried rice (RM44)

every tasting dish is generous in portion. among all, i love de beef rendeng de most. de beef was soft and tender, and simply melt in your mouth. de rendeng was not dry, just enough to keep de meat moist. de next  dish that i like was de acar. one thing i hate about acar is pineapple. nam’s version only has cucumber and carrot (yeah). it had de right balance of sour and sweet, and de crunch of de vegetable remained.

cute kid who entertained me

de rest of de dishes were alright. i was glad de prawns were not overcooked and they gave me a lot of prawns! de omelette was not dry and went well with de dipping sauce. de green beans were stir-fried with a bit of belchan chilli which gave a kick. though de vegetable crackers were bland, i think they balance with the rest of de dishes which were strong in flavor.

FRIGGIN DELICIOUS banana lime ice-cream (RM10)

i was bloody full from lunch and de waitress came back and asked if i wanted dessert – i couldnt resist. i thought i will opt for something small like a scoop of their home-made ice-cream. they have local flavor like coconut, gula melaka and banana lime. since coconut was common and i dislike gula melaka, i went for banana lime (and de combination sounds really interesting).

mojito rocks too (RM24)! they dun skim on rum

de first bite into de ice-cream, i wanted to scream OMG!!!! ITS FRIGGIN YUMMY!!!! i never feel that high from ice-cream but their banana lime ice-cream rocked my world. de funniest thing was de banana and lime flavors were not very dominant. a spice or something was coming through and its so addictive. i just kept eating. de only thing i dun like about de ice-cream was i found thin ice chip inside which i detest as it dilute de ice-cream. still, this baby can make me go back to bon ton again and again.

wooden floor

after lunch, i hang around de pool for awhile and it started raining. i retreat back to my room and hang around de day bed. next thing you know, i fell asleep. bliss.

good bye

as i was still stuffed from lunch, i skipped dinner and hang around in de room, watching a bit of tele and started packing. sigh. cant believe my holiday was ending. i will miss bon ton dearly. de people were warm and friendly. de food were fantastic. i dun even mind de cats (i hate cats). if i ever decide to come to langkawi again, i will definitely come back to bon ton again!

bon ton restaurant & resort
pantai cenang
07000 langkawi
kedah, malaysia

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