when it comes to certain things in life, i am pretty shallow. example books. yes i am one of those people who judges a book by its cover. sometimes this principle also applies to food. i like madeleines. i like how it has a crusty outside and yet when you bite into it, its dense and bursting with buttery flavor. most importantly, i like how it has that pretty scallop-shaped.


before i can make madeleine, i must find de tray! and it is quite easily found. but de problem is my oven is a medium size oven thus most conventional madeleine tray (12 shells) cannot fit inside. fortunately, my favorite store, phoon huat stocked de smaller tray (hooray) and they also have mini madeleine tray (silicon). got to buy BOTH.

as some of you might know how i raved about dorie greenspan, well i am using her recipe for madeleine. this woman is making baking so much fun. de ingredients are easily attained (de usual suspects – flour, egg, sugar – and a few others) and everything is done by my good friend – de hand mixer.

big vs small

i made these madeleine twice and concluded that de key to a good madeleine is lemon. i really like de adding of lemon which cut through de butter so you dont feel sick after popping too many of these yummy cakes. ohh try to get really good lemon – smooth, thin skin (it does not need to be organic; dont make much a difference).

ok. back to eating these babies!!


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