le le hotpot

for de past weeks, my colleagues have been raving about le le hotpot. and its getting to me.i so need to try it. especially when it has been raining for de past couple of days. steamboat on a rainy day makes my heart flutter.

le le snacks

i round up my friends k and c for this steamboat craving. we selected de chicken and laksa soup (thank god c is a chilli fan). for me, i jumped straight to de “le le snacks” – one of de biggest reasons why i must try this steamboat is that they served food that are not commonly associated with steamboat. aka cheese fries! aka chicken wings. aka calamari rings. ha.

bluffed. dont look like piggies

of course we also did the proper thing of ordering a variety of food to go with the steamboat. i am rather impressed with the variety of vegetables and mushroom they have. we noticed at another table, they have fishcakes that shaped like a pig. hmmm. unfortunately de menu did not state “fishcakes that shaped like a pig”, we just tried our luck and hope we got it right (and we did. yeah!).

its steamboat time!!!

de chicken stock was not extraordinary. actually it was rather loaded with ginger. i love ginger but this was a bit overwhelming. however de laksa stock was fantastic. it was not v lemak and de stock was still pretty “gao” and full of flavor. i definitely adore de laksa stock. however mid-way during dinner, we got de waiter to top up our pot with de herbal chicken stock instead. de soup became better, less gingery. next time, i will go for de herbal chicken (and i wanna try de preserved vegetables soup too)!

cheese fries

one thing i like about le le hotpot is that they sliced de meat really thinly and de ingredients are very fresh. as for de snacks, they are alright, nothing to rave about – i will not fault them as it is not exactly their forte. for de dipping sauce – de belachan is good but de peanut sauce could be a bit thicker. beside de variety of ingredients, le le also has a good selection of drinks – from lychee freeze to yuzu tea! and of course de good old coke. and and they served dessert at de end of de buffet. we got soursop ice, iced jelly and mango ice-cream. all were good except de iced jelly which tasted fake. i totally recommend de soursop ice – its sourness just relieved de heat from de steamboat and de fullness of your tummy.

apparently owner is a celebrity

ohhh for de service, depend on your luck – de day i went, it was ok. i do not know why but they kept forgetting our seaweed till we just gave up. most of de waiters are pretty good (and of course there are some black sheeps). still everything turned up at our table pretty fast. so its still good.

i heart le le for de selection of ingredients and soups. most importantly, de prices are good. for weekdays, you pay S$18.80 nett and weekends (including friday), you only pay S$20.80 nett. its really really good.

le le hotpot
blk 58 seng poh road #01-23
+65 6222 9442 (reservation is highly recommended)

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