de oink guide to … langkawi! rustic ground and sunset

recently i took a weekend off to give myself a tiny break. i wanted somewhere nearby, and affordable. it does not necessary need to be a beach resort … it just needed to be a place where i can laze round. i decided on langkawi since i havent been there for years. and i read (via chubby hubby) about a pretty cool resort on de island that seems like de ideal place to just laze.     

hello clouds

my journey to langkawi was a bit tedious. unfortunately due to de time schedule and de popularity of de resort that i have chosen, i ended up flying with malaysia airline and have to stopover at penang (silkair does not fly to langkawi daily). after 3 hours, i finally landed in langkawi and made my way to bonton resort (fyi, when you reached de airport, you cannot grab the cab from taxi stand. you need to pre-pay the fare at the counter in the airport; de counter is just the exit)!!!    

bon ton resort

bon ton resort is located 15 mins from de  airport. in bon ton, there are eight villas. de one that i have chosen is called de blue ginger – its de only blue villa. within the ground of de resort is another resort called temple tree, featuring antique houses from different cultures such as the chinese, eurasian, malay and indian. due to de size of de houses, i felt temple tree is more suited for families.     

kitty galore

because bon ton resort is small, everyone knows my name and they are super friendly! ohhh another thing to note, if you do not like or scare of cats, bonton is no good. bon ton houses an animal shelter and sanctuary. thus cats are free to roam everywhere around the resort. and yes even de gift shop.     

pineapple mint tea (RM12)

i took quite awhile to check in as de room was not ready. while waiting, they offered me a pineapple mint tea. i personally do not like pineapple juice, but this mint tea i adore. though its rather thick, but de mint just give a nice refreshing taste to it. this is something i can drink forever.     

can you spot edward?

indoor patio - i love de antique medicine chest


adeline, de resort’s manager guided me to my villa. i love it. it so friggin colorful!!! i have to control myself and not jump up and down in front of stranger. ha. de villa has a small indoor patio where you can read and yet have a view of de outside. it has a beautiful daybed where you can read, stone and do whatever you want. but my favorite part of de villa has gone to be de toilet. its OUTDOOR AND OPEN AIR! it has a gorgeous wooden tub and a sundeck chair and rain shower!!!     


i love de toilet

by de time i settled down, it was pretty late.  i just stayed in and hang around de pool. staff do not go to the pool and take your order for drinks or snacks. in any case their house restaurant, nam, is so near de pool, its silly if you cun take that 1 min walk and tell them what you want.     

iced water

free food - prawn cakes!!!

one thing i love about de people at bon ton is they are rather attentive. they will go to de pool and serve you iced water (with lemon!!!). at 5pm, complimentary snacks are served to you. woohoo. free food. ha. that day i got myself some prawn cakes. they are soooo good. de timing was great too. i was starving as i had a miserable lunch.     

mosquito guerilla

at around sunset, de housekeeper will go to each villa and start de “mosquito” prepping. they will prepare the mosquito repellent, pull down de mosquito net and also helped you close de window and switch on the a/c to ensure you have a good night sleep. just because de place is rustic, it does not it will be uncomfortable.     


garoupa and prawns (RM78)

for dinner, i settled myself at nam. nam has a pretty comprehensive menu – most of de items are asian fusion cuisines. i went for de seared garoupa and prawns served with spring onion rice cake and spinach and ginger lime ponzu sauce. though de pool snack that they served early was fantastic, de dinner was a bit of  letdown for me. de prawn was overcooked thus i found it to be tough. i didnt taste de spring onion in de rice cake or de ginger lime ponzu sauce. however i was glad that de garoupa was still beautifully cooked and i rather enjoyed de crusty chewy rice cake.

bon ton restaurant & resort
pantai cenang
07000 langkawi
kedah, malaysia

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