brunch at jing

last week, my friends j, k and i went off to jing for a bit of dim-sum brunch. i discovered jing when i was planning for my event. i also found out that they do dim-sum brunch with a pretty good spread at a very reasonable price of S$38++. my colleague j had went there and was raving about it to me. so i got to try.

located at one fullerton, jing is a chinese-fusion restaurant by de folks behind de majestic restaurant. in terms of ambience, it sits beside de river and facing de spaceship like marina bay sands. one fullerton is a really quiet stretch thus jing is a nice place to sit back, relax and enjoy de food.

(normal) carrot cake

the first lot of items we ordered were de dim-sum without pork (YEAH for me). i am unsure if they made de dim sum upon order but we waited at least half an hour for de food to come. de first plate was de carrot cake. considering that we have waited for so long, de carrot cake was a bit limpy and not pipping hot. thus i suspect that it must have sat at de kitchen table for a while.

crispy fried prawn dumplings

dim sum without pork = shrimp dumplings in all forms

my favorite

de rest of de items like fried prawn dumpling, har gao, and more steamed prawn dumplings were pretty decent. de skin is not thick and de food were pipping hot. there was one tray of steamed prawn dumplings that i particularly quite like but unfortunately i cannot remember its name – all i know is its came with a green (spinach) skin.

chilli crab with fried mantou

as part of de buffet, you also get a single serving of chilli crab and deep fried soon hock. these two items just made de buffet worth your penny. de chilli crab sauce was pretty good – a good balance of spice, sourness and just a tiny hint of sweetness.

deep fried soon hock with superior soya sauce

as for de deep fried soon hock, it was decent but i do not really like it as much as de steamed chilean sea bass with xo sauce. i find de meat of de soon hock tough, perhaps due to de frying. while for de latter, it just melts in your mouth.

deep fried scallop in filose

crispy chicken wings flavored with shrimp paste

we also some fried food (we all aint that healthy. ha). de deep fried scallop in filose was up first. de filose is nice and light (and of course crispy) and de scallop remained moist and not overcooked. next we had de prawn paste chicken wing. though de chicken wings were crispy and not oily, de prawn paste taste was non-existence. i was rather disappointed. i was looking forward to that pungent smelling prawn paste coating onto that moist chicken wings.

deep fried soft shell crab with salted egg yolks

among all de fried, my favorite has to be de deep fried soft shell crab in salted egg yolk. though its deep fried, de soft shell crab was well drained thus when you bite into it, you will not be squirting out oil. de salted egg yolk gave de crispy crab that extral creaminess and saltiness. everything was just well balanced. surprisingly de fried curry leaves they put in de dish did not give that additional punch to de dish. it was just there (which btw is not a good thing). overall its yummy and if i have a cold beer, i can devour plates of de crab.

xo sauce carrot cake

steamed tofu with scallop in black bean sauce

before we call it a day at de buffet line, we ordered a xo sauce carrot cake, steamed tofu with scallop in black bean soup and double boiled  shrimp dumpling soup (with bamboo pith and shimeiji mushroom). to me, these dishes are pretty tasty but nothing really stand out.

double boiled shrimp dumpling with bamboo pith and shimeiji mushroom

de dessert at jing was rather limited. they ran out of egg tart. so we ended up with a lime sorbet which was really zingy and refreshing (especially after de meal we had). on de day we went, they had a mango pudding with raspberry coulis. that was pretty outstanding – de sweetness of de pudding matching with de sourness of de raspberry coulis.

jing has its ups and downs. for example, at the barbecue station, de peking duck was not available. and i also noticed quite a few other items was also not available. this kinda bring everything down. despite these hiccups, it is still a nice place where you can hang out with friends, enjoy de view and savor good food.

one fullerton, #01-02/03
1 fullerton road
+65-6224 0088
1145am -3pm, 630pm -11pm

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