spruce taqueria

i managed to get some time off last week. and lucky me i just had to fall sick. this also means that i was “bedridden” over de weekend. however on monday, i told myself enough is enough – i must get out of de bed and have some tacos! ok fine, these were not de exact words but they were pretty close enough.

spruce taqueria

what shall we have today?

located at de uphill of phoenix park, spruce taqueria is a small hut that served lovely mexican fares at v reasonable prices (sidetrack: mexican food in singapore is just pricey and de quality is not consistent too). de tacqueria is also an experimental project by de chef/ owner of spruce.

de tacos set (S$9)

on my almost recovered from full bloom cough and flu day, i tried de special of de day – cod fish tacos set. i also ordered de watermelon and lime aqua fresca and an additional guacamole. oh yes greedy me also ordered de taqueria salad but to go (i aint going to stuff myself to death).

de divine watermelon and lime aqua fresca (S$2)

de cod fish tacos set comes with 2 tacos (unfortunately you can only choose one filling), chips and salsa and a drink. due to my sickly self (thus make me have v sensitive taste buds), i find de salsa really hot and spicy. i managed to cool myself down w de watermelon and lime aqua fresca which by de way is sensational. they have strained de watermelon juice so that it produced a light, refreshing and smooth taste. de lime was added in for that extra kick to de drink yet not overpowering de aqua fresca.

cod fish tacos

as de taste bud was still slight burnt, i couldnt really taste much of de cod fish. in addition, in de tacos, there were more salsa and guacamole, thus de flavor of de cod fish was not distinctive. however i suspect de fish was overcooked as each bite was abit tough (as far as i remember cod fish should be smooth and sweet when cooked properly).

i heart you guacamole (S$3)

for de chips and guacamole, they were smashing. i loved de chips – they were rather different from de store bought – more “corny”, no alkaline taste. for de guacamole, its smooth and de lime just cut through de richness – i can eat de guacamole forever without feeling sick of it. if not there were people around me, i might have licked de container dry. ha.

taqueria salad (S$9)

de taqueria salad was abit of disappointment. i expected to be surprised perhap with some refried beans or something. but its just your normal salad leaves top with your choice of filling, goat cheese, salsa, (awesome) guacamole and shredded taco chips. thank god i got myself de beef short rib. its just amazing – it full of beefiness and tender. i loath chewy beef. de short rib beef was just great and full of flavor.

out of nowhere - just some hot sauce shot!

as i thought my sickly taste buds might have screwed up this whole me-hi-co experience, i made another trip to spruce taqueria later de week. this time round, i will not muck around – i dived straight in and order de beef short rib quesadillas (which by de way i forgot to mention de choice of fillings – they have pork carnitas, short rib beef, grilled snapper, beef tongue and pablano chile and mushroom). and as usual, i got to order an additional chips and guacamole for S$4!

de quesadillas set (S$9)

gorgeous beef short rib

de beef short rib quesadillas were gorgeous! de cheese, salsa all combined – its just yum yum and yum! if not de quesadillas were really  hot, i will just keep eating and eating. ha. this time round, de salsa tasted less spicy to me and de guacamole still rocks my world.

de only shortcoming about spruce taqueria is that they are only open on weekdays!!! and from 12-3pm only. all i say is arghhhh.

spruce taqueria
320 tanglin road phoenix park
12pm-3pm, weekdays (closed on public holidays)

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