blueberry brown sugar plain cake

recently i got myself some cook (or baked) books from amazon. 2 of de books that i got will definitely test my patience and baking skills while de other will test my effort.

i love cake cracking up

dorie greenspan is a beautiful food writer. i saw her book – baking – from my kitchen to yours – quite a while back. when i saw de cover (and her picture), i thought this is going to be one of those books where it detailed instructions that are incomprehensible. am i wrong or what? after flipping through a couple of pages, greenspan really guides you all de way through. this is so important for beginner bakers like me.

this is what happened when you add way too much blueberries

since its de berries season, i wanted to do something simple and sweet with blueberries (and i do not want to make a pie). i was drawn to de blueberry brown sugar plain cake. though its simple to make, a little effort is needed. unlike most cake recipes where you add in de whole eggs, you are required to separate de eggs. de whites are whipped (thank god for handmixer!) and folded into de batter thus creating de fluffiness/ air to your cake. despite de “air”, de cake is not v crumbly – it has a good firm yet soft to bite texture. every bite is just so easy.

de only problem i have w this recipe was my overzealousness w de blueberries – i added way too much (hey we all have different definition to a pint). there was definitely no balance between de berries and de batter. ha.


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