freshness burger is coming to town!

have you guys read today sunday times? freshness burger is coming to town! hooray!!

freshness burger

during my last trip to japan, i had it TWICE. thinking about the classic cheeseburger and onion rings, it just making me salivate.

freshness at shinjuku

creativity at work

freshness burger is like a quaint little burger joint with retro deco and handwritten signages (which are not very common in most commercial burger joints). de array of food available is equally amazing. they have burgers, hot dogs, french fries, onion ring and lotsa of different drinks.

classic cheeseburger

i love their classic cheeseburger which is simple yet delicious. despite de thick slab of onion and other toppings, de beef patty remained juicy and full of “beefy” flavor. de bread is soft and doesnt overwhelmed de rest of the ingredients. overall, de burger tasted wonderful and “fresh”. ha

hello onion rings

i also quite fancy one of de sides – onion rings. these babies are made out of good chunky onion. de batter is light and tasty (not digusting thick and floury). you just cannot stop at a bite. you just keep going and going. as for the fries, they are not my favorite. perhaps its de type of potatoes used – they are too starchy for my taste.

freshness burger in japan offers lots of different types of drinks – from lime soda to beer! my personal favorite is the lime soda as it refreshes your palette after all de burger.

i really cannot wait for september to come!!!


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