once again sweet loots!

despite de horrendous work week (i have to organise 3 events last week), i was comforted by de wonderful loots from my overseas colleagues and business partners.

hello taiwan

first stop taiwan! my wonderful colleague, s, asked if i wanted anything from taiwan. as much as i wanted pipping hot and crispy fried chicken cutlet, i settled for de next best things – “metal” eggs and sun biscuit.

tie dan aka metal eggs

“metal” eggs are not really made out of metal – its just de way taiwanese describes de texture of de eggs. de eggs are quail eggs that are being preserved and sometimes smoked/ mixed with flavors. s got me spicy ma-la and smoked tea ones. i love de smoked tea ones – a slight fragrance of de tea and a bit of savoury flavor from de eggs.

indeed everybody friend

tai yang bin aka sun biscuits

de sun biscuits that s got me were pretty great. apparently this is quite a famous brand from taiwan. however i wished that it was a bit more milky, giving them a more creamy flavor.

stewed minced pork

s also got me a jar of stewed minced pork. this is commonly added to rice or noodles. as moi no eat pork, this can of baby will be given to my friend, b, as birthday gift ;p

pineapple tarts

my company business partners from taiwan (again) also got me some pineapple tarts. taiwan pineapple tarts are v different from de ones in singapore. de pineapple filling is cooked more thorough thus giving it a more jam like, smooth texture. and de shape is of course different. de partners were v lovely – they purposely gave me two bars of de pineapple tarts as de bars resemble gold bars thus symbolise “fa” (prosperous). cute. huat ah!

goldilocks with no bears

once i heard my philippines colleague is coming, i emailed him, asking if he can bring me some polvoron. to be more specific goldilocks polvoron. goldilocks is like a household brand in philippines, and they are famous for their bakes and cafes. polvoron are like shortbread, just more crumbly and a lot sweeter and richer. this is one snack you need to go w your tea and you most probably can only have 1-2 pieces at a go.

de only sadness was once i got de loots, i fell sick! boohoo. so now i am in recovery mode, and i will devour these goodies!

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