i should never be left alone in chinatown

its true. i cannot be left alone in chinatown. if not, i was pressed for time, i might have eaten myself to death in chinatown food centre.

de crab and prawn noodles stall

i love chinatown food centre. you really get all sorts of great food there. these are food that i can see myself eat everyday. they are not fancy, they are just really great food.

hello noodles (S$4)

one of my all-time favorite is de mixed crab and prawn noodles soup. the stall is run by a pair of sisters (and one of them looks like a botero figurine!). they made this delectable prawny flavor soup which is oh-so-rich. i always ordered de thick vermicelli (which is actually much thinner than de usual thick vermicelli you get elsewhere) which goes very well with de soup. throw in a bit of chilli powder and viola, super duper yummy soup (de truth is  de crab and de prawn are pretty tasteless – all de essence of de seafood has gone into de soup).

my comfort food stall

after de noodles (which i did not finish; not because its not nice but i got to pace myself), i went to have my comfort food – yam cake and chee cheong fan. this stall rocks my world. for S$2, you can get yourself a a piece of yam cake and  a piece of chee cheong fan. de truth is you can do away with the sweet sauce and chilli. just a touch of sesame seed oil and light soy – that is all you need. you can taste de ricey flavor in de steamy hot chee cheong fan – de soy just enhance de flavor. and de yam cake just simply melt in your mouth. all these goodness for frigging S$2 only!

all these goodness for S$2

if i have de time and stomach, i would have gone for desserts – my darling ah-bo-ling and yi-gu tong shu. oh well, there is always next time!

chinatown food centre
blk 335 smith street
(btw please do not ask me where are de stalls, i only cared about de food and totally did not jot down de stall number!)

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