the queen and mangosteen

on “eat with your family day” i decided to eat with my friend S instead. i owe her a deal for rushing some work for me. since i was buying, i also get to choose de place for our dinner. i was in de mood for fried food and drinks. thus i went to de outlet that popped out in my brain – the queen and mangosteen.

located on de first level of vivocity, with a glorious view of  sea and ships, the queen and mangosteen is actually a beer joint/ british pub opened by the poeple behind archiepelago beer. as what they have claimed, they are a gourmet british pub with a modern/ asian twist.

crispy whitebaits with lemongrass and chilli aioli (S$11)

we started de evening with crispy whitebait served with lemongrass and chilli aioli. de whitebraits were light and crispy. as for de aioli, i cannot really taste de lemongrass or chilli – it tasted like normal aioli to me. this especially strange considering lemongrass is a pretty strong herb.

fish and chips with curry tartare sauce (S$14)

s got herself a classic british dish – fish and chips. de fish and chips here are served with curry tartare sauce. if you do not fancy de curry flavor tartare sauce, you can opt for original flavor (which s did). de portion is generous. de (beer) batter was flavorful and de chips were well-seasoned (a bit too well-seasoned if you ask me).

crab cakes with babycress salad and mango salsa (S$18)

i got myself crab cakes with babycress salad and mango salsa. i am a sucker for crab cakes. if i see it on de menu, changes are high that i will order it. as for this version, i have not much feeling towards it. there is no crab taste or de ocean taste in de crab cake. i find the crust a bit dry and tough. thank god for de mango salsa which brought a refreshing and a much needed “wetness” to this dish. i am unsure about the babycress salad – babycress is a very strong-flavored vegetable – they are slightly spicy and peppery – thus i felt they overwhelmed de crab cakes. perhaps this was de reason why i cannot taste de “crabiness”.

i also ordered 2 glasses of pimms and lemonade (S$11) for myself (s dun drink!). it was as what de menu described – deceptively alcoholic. de first taste was yummy – it was sweet with a slight gin taste. its so yummy that you keep drinking and drinking. next thing you know i feel de alcohol in my blood stream. ha.

if you ever have a craving for fried food and yummy drinks, the queen and mangosteen is de place to go (oohh btw they served craft beers too and i think they are famous for it ;p)

the queen and mangosteen
vivocity 1 habourfront walk

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