i made a kick-ass sandwich!

for de past week, i have been putting in extra hours at work. thus when i reached home, i just cannot be bothered to still cook a meal – i do not want to wash a pot! thus de easiest thing to do is to assemble a sandwich.

here is de thing to note – i dun just make any sandwich – i made a KICK-ASS sandwich. what makes it so kick-ass? i doubled de ingredients! yes i am not stingy about de stuff in my sandwich.

my kick-ass sandwich

de must have for me in a sandwich – beside de obvious bread (duh) – is de ham. i can do away de lettuce and tomato, and possibly de cheese. but ham … de ham that i used for this sandwich is a burbon flavored turkey ham – you can use any ham you fancy – i just happened to choose de most expensive one in de deli (ha). i also accompanied it with honey mustard (spread onto de baguette), lettuce and cheddar cheese.

stuck two toothpicks in de sandwich (to prevent de fillings from oozing out when you bite) and viola – my kick-ass sandwich!

bon appetite!


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