last week, i dragged my friend, k, to a site reece at one fullerton. i was quite surprised by de development of restaurants (and de place). despite de boom, one fullerton remained pretty quiet over de weekend (this is happy news for me!).

retro-looking menu

yellow page ad

after de reece, we popped over to overeasy for drinks and dinner. de concept of overeasy is like 1960s american dinner (red leather booth seats, metal cushion chairs and so on) – of course de concept totally failed to carry through to their outdoor seatings. and no “typical” diner accessories (juke box, metal serviette box). still i heart  de retro style menu (but it has a smell) and de cute “yellow page ad” dinner mat. though overeasy has an american decor concept. de food they served is just a mix of everything

k ordered a honey and soy black cod soba noodles, and an oreo milk shake (S$10)(east meets west. ha). while i got a steak frites with bearnaise sauce and truffled fries, and my favorite little creatures pale ale (S$14) (i am not a big fan of beer – little creatures pale ale is one of de rare beer that i consumed). we also shared a plate of chicken wings with hot sauce and ranch dressing.

fried chicken wings! (S$14)

both of us love de chicken wings. de batter was crispy and flavorful. de wings were not too greasy. they were actually pretty light to eat. de ranch dressing (with de hot suace inside) was alright. nothing to scream about. still we devoured de chicken wings in no time.

honey and soy black cod with soba noodles (S$26)

k’s milk shake was thick and full of oreo-goodness. however k complained that de metal cup was huge and yet de shake was only 3/4 filled. ha. she also did not really fancy her main – it came with a lot of vegetables (her nemesis). she also find de cod a bit on de sourish side due to the soy? it was not a very happy meal for her.

steak frites with bearnaise sauce and truffled fries (S$28)

as for me, my main went through a detour. de service staff (gretchen!) did not get my order right and thought i wanted fries only (are you kidding me?). in de end, i still managed to get my steak frites. i was glad my steak was done de way i like it – medium rare and well seasoned. there is a bit of saltiness on de crust which i love as it totally brings out de “beefy” flavor of a steak. for bearnaise sauce, i do not care for it – there is not much flavor in it and very lack of seasoning. as for de truffled fries, they were salty and soggy.

as much as we both wanted to stay for dessert, we were both stuffed! de portion is pretty decent – its great when you are super hungry like we both.

1 fullerton road
#01-06 one fullerton
mon – fri – 1130am – 230pm (lunch), mon – sat – 5pm – 1030pm (dinner), fri-sat – 11pm – 330am (supper)

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