hokkien mee

hokkien mee is one dish that i have persistently and consistently been eating. if i am out with my friends having late supper, i would definitely order hokkien mee. i am quite fortunate that my favorite hokkien mee stall is just a couple of streets away from me. i have been eating from this stall since i move to de area.

my dad was de one who got me addicted to hokkien me. when i was a kid, we often bought hokkien mee for dinner or supper. i remembered when i was in primary or secondary school, i would demand my dad to get me hokkien mee. he would park de car along simon road while i waited impatiently in de car (yes i am a spoilt brat if you need to know). as i grow older, i would continue to trotter my way to this stall and satisfy my cravings for hokkien mee.

hokkien mee (from nam heng)

recently i went back to de stall and tabao my hokkien mee. to my dismay, uncle is not stirring up this wonderful dish. his son has took over de cooking. my heart dropped. will my hokkien mee be as nice??!! de hokkien i came to love is al dente, full of seafood goodness (they do not add pork lard or stock in their noodles). i would always have to wait for de noodles to soak up de seafood stock and uncle to stir in de octopus and prawn. and viola my S$3 hokkien noodles.

de son’s version aint that bad. de noodles are still chewy not mushy. they still use seafood stock. however i still feel something is missing. perhaps its not de flavor. perhaps i just miss de hands who used to stir up these wonderful noodles for me.

hokkien mee
nam heng restaurant
corner of simon and upper serangoon road
do not ask me what time or when they open or close. all i know is i just walked down de street and there they are ;p

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