a place that i rolled into

i love it when good food is just right at your door step. for me, de place that i rolled into is nakhon kitchen. nakhon is just a street away from me thus my frequent visit there. i go there so often, my friends reckon that i should get a VIP card.

de challenge: conquering all siz dishes

this tiny establishment opened like 3 years ago (?) and it took me ages to finally tried de food there. they served thai cuisine and every afternoon and night, there will always be a queue. de beauty about this place, they had great food at reasonable prices and super duper fast service.

pad thai and stuffed chicken wing

i have tried almost everything there (except for de pork dishes). my top favorites are pad thai, fried olive rice, stuffed chicken wings, honey chicken,tom yum goong and mango salad. de pad thai is chewy and full of flavor. i am a sucker for olive rice – its a childhood thing – i cannot never resist it. de nakhon version is pretty good – not too salty, well seasoned – but i would always crave for more “olive” inside.  for de chicken wings and honey chicken, all i can say how can i resist fried food!!! de chicken wing is crispy and de stuffing is meaty and juicy. for de honey chicken, i like de sauce – its sweet but not sickly sweet.

de tom yum goong is chokeful of ingredients and coconutty flavor. and nakhon mango salad rocks my world. its spicy, sweet and abit sourish. de combination of mango slices, red onion and cashew nuts just go so well together. a fantastic appetitizer.

tom yum goong and singha beer

of course, nakhon have other dishes which are decent too – de pandan chicken, thai fish cake, kangkong, fried fish, thai green and red curry ohhh and pineapple rice too. for drinks and desserts, one must try their lemongrass drink and red ruby. this is one place you will get decent thai food at a pretty good price.

nakhon kitchen
blk 212 hougang street 21
+65-62868785 (no reservations allowed)
1130am – 3pm, 530pm – 10pm, daily

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