caramel custard pie

i always like pie. love to be exact. however here in singapore, i somehow can’t get de kind of pie i like – pumpkin, pecan, blueberry (cream). i mean they exist but they don’t make me crave for more.

since i got my kick-ass oven, i decided to make my own pie.

to prepare myself, i ploughed through my baking bible – king arthur flour baker companion (i am NOT kidding when i said its my bible. its that good). there were a couple of recipes that i would like to try but for a beginner, i decided to go for caramel custard pie.

making de pie crust was a bit nerve wrecking. i kinda screwed up on de butter bit. and also putting de dough in de pan. thank god de custard was easy to make (i had a lot of practice from making ice cream).

de pie turned up ok. my friends L and B wolfed in down in 3 seconds (fyi its only a 6″ inch pie that i made and i gave them only a quarter to share. ha). i do wish i didnt overbake de custard. still it tasted good. next round, i will bake a better kick-ass pie!


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