simply perfect pancakes

i love pancakes. pancakes are one of my favorite breakfast dishes. there is something v comforting about pancakes. and de best part about pancakes – they are so easy to make (on that note, please do not ever buy quick mix. pancake is really kick ass easy to make) and you can eat it anytime of de day.

for lunch, i made myself some delicious semi-wholemeal pancakes served with strawberry and banana. i also spread some butter and honey on de pancakes too.

pancake time!

i used de king arthur flour recipe – however i made some adjustments to make it a little more healthy and to my taste too. i substitued half de white flour with wholemeal, used vegetable oil, and i cut down de baking powder as i do not fancy de alkaline taste in my pancakes. but de most important you must add is de malted powder. it just pumped up de flavor.


4 thoughts on “simply perfect pancakes

  1. what sourmilk?? i dun use milk tat is sour. you mean buttermilk is it? muahahaha. BTW you are pancake ah? why do you want to be fluffy??

  2. crap niang, i wanted to say it makes “them” fluffier!! not buttermilk, it’s milk that gone bad. i’m nt sure if SG sells them, but when i’m overseas, i add that stuff into the pancake mixture, it’s just awesome..

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