de dream challenge – yi tiao charsiew

(de following is goin to have shit loads of pictures. and vegetarians and pig lovers, please stay clear of this entry. i almost die at de challenge. BUT its a worthy cause!)

let's see mike eat yi tiao charsiew

my good friend, pm, has a dream (or wish). he dreamt that one day he will be able to devour one entire piece of char siew (uncut) – just keep on biting and chewing that one piece of char siew. since he is goin to reach de big 3-0 soon, we, de groupie has decided to help him fulfil this dream – bornt de project – “let’s see mike eat yi tiao charsiew”! de challenge is simple – pm will have to eat 1kg worth of charsiew and 5 chicken wings. all in one sitting.

our host - fatty cheong

we planned this challenge earlier de year. we set de time and date. de location was easy. pm adores de charsiew by fatty cheong. i know fatty cheong produced fantastic honey chicken wings – i love them – sweet, sticky and well seasoned. so i do believed de charsiew will be nice.

1kg worth of meat

check out de charsiew

de day before de challenge, i gave a call to fatty cheong to make sure he is open for de day (its a public holiday de day of de challenge). once we were at abc market, s quickly went to order de charsiew and told fatty cheong that this is for pm birthday. after some wait, fatty cheong produced six pieces of beautiful, glossy charsiew.

de first bite

we all looked on to see pm took de first bite. was he happy or what?? muahahahhaa. and i just happened to be sitting beside him. after his second bite, i almost wanna puke. as much as i think de charsiew is nice, de smell of de pork is killing me – its really porky. de smell is rather choking. thank god we also ordered lunch for ourselves (pm lunch was de six pieces of charsiew. duh) – i got myself fishball noodles (with vinegar only). i am happy.

moving onto de second piece

pm quickly finished his first piece and moved on to his second piece of charsiew. at that point, he was getting sick of de taste of de charsiew. he was struggling. still he managed to finish de second piece pretty fast. btw while he was eating de charsiew, our table got many stares from strangers. they were wondering “what’s up with this table and de big plate of charsiew”.

pm gave up!

when its time for his third piece, pm took some time to choose. in his words, he was sweating “meat sweat”. after a while, he finally chose his third and final piece. de rest of de groupie also helped him finished one piece of charsiew. in de end, pm devoured three pieces of charsiew (which we estimated to be about 500gm) and tabao one piece back. during de whole challenge, we also tried to help him finish by offering him noodles, getting him drinks. we were all hoping him succeed.

thank you fatty cheong!

i need to shout out a special thanks to fatty cheong for hosting us. he has given us de best of his charsiew and also a HUGE discount. he was v friendly and indeed like what pm described – a gentle giant. thank you mr cheong. i do hope to return soon for your yummy chicken wings!

fatty cheong
abc brickworks food centre
6 jalan bukit merah #01-120 (near posb atm)
98824849, 94281983
11am -8.30pm (closed on thurdays)

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