what’s in de BAG?

food that are healthy? almost all de stuff in my shopping i have in de bag are healthy. oh btw do not ever buy no-frill lime juice sucks. but no-frill pink guava juice rocks! and only S$1 a bottle (1 litre).

what's in de bag?

as and when, i tried to eat healthy. and to eat healthy does not mean that you have to eat steamed chicken and vegetables. i truly believe that de first step to eating healthy is to start cooking. you are de cook, you know what is in your food. you know what is good and bad.

de ingredients you will need

these 2 dishes, roast chicken salad and roast chicken tomato pasta, were my favorite to make while i was in unversity. they are simple, easy to prepare. trust me, it will not take you more than 3o minutes to prep and put everything together (if you are fast, 15 minutes is all you need). de ingredients you will need

  • a store bought roasted chicken (i got a regular honey chicken),
  • a bag of salad (you can cut up your own lettuce but i preferred de packaged stuff because of de variety of vegetables and it washed!),
  • and cherry tomatoes.

these grapes rock!

you will also need frozen corns, pasta and olive oil. since i have these at home, i didnt need to get them from de store. ohh i also got some yoghurt (current favorite is activ aloe vera and nata de coco) and grapes (these south african ones rock!!) for dessert too.

for de roast chicken salad, first, cut de chicken into quarters. you will only need a quarter for de salad. i usually choose de breast meat to go with de salad. de chewiness of meat just go very well with de refreshing crunch from de vegetables. de rest of the quarters, you can freeze and they can keep for 2-3 weeks.

roast chicken salad

to assmble de salad, chopped de chicken into pieces (remember to remove any bones), sliced up some cherry tomatoes and “cook” de frozen corn (i usually just throw them in hot water).  put de mixed salad (use what you need) on a plate, dress it with some extra virgin olive oil. throw in de sliced cherry tomatoes, chicken and corn. to finish, dose a little bit more olive oil and sprinkled some black pepper. and you have a complete meal. with these crazy hot days, a salad makes a great lunch.

for de roast chicken tomata pasta – use your favorite pasta and cooked as per instrusted on de package – remember to dose de water with olive oil so that de pasta wun stick and salt for flavor. once cooked, drained and put aside some of de pasta water.

roast chicken tomato pasta

i also chopped up some garlic and standby some of my favorite belachan chilli for added flavor. in a hot pan, add in some olive oil, garlic and chilli (optional). after a quick stir, throw in de chicken and tomato. last, throw in de pasta. if the pasta got too dry, you can add in abit of olive oil and pasta water to loosen de dish. once again, de cooking time is quite minimum since de main ingredient – roast chicken – is cooked – its a matter of heating them up. i served this pasta with some leftover salad that i have.

for the chicken thigh, i usually like to serve them as it is – baked in de oven and served with homemade mash potatoes and cooked french beans (with butter!). to me, there is nothing wrong with store bought chicken. they are yummy, delicious and if you dun eat de skin, they are pretty healthy. the ones i got are from cold storage, they are pretty good and juicy too. i was pleasantly surprised that de breast meat was pretty moist.

do try these out or better yet, create your own recipes!


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