food that you can rely on

sometimes when your brain is dead or you are going to run gazillion errands in a day, you just want to eat something that is comforting. something that you know will not go wrong and something you know will give you de energy to face de world.


i have several of these “something”. one of them is toast (by the marmalade group). i love toast. years ago, when i first heard about toast, i was curious about the place. sandwich and cupcakes. hmmm (trust me, years ago, cupcakes aint that big here in singapore). and toast was not easy to find. i tried to find 2 times before i was able to locate its secret hide out – near de ngee ann city taxi drop off point.

to me, toast looks like a basement place. a good basement place. its cosy yet sterile (metalic furnishing vs cushion seats and free magazines to read). it has private corner and communal table. irony just floods de place.

despite de wide variety of sandwich selection (i tried a couple), i always end up eating de same stuff – smoked salmon wrap. i do not know why i am so addicted to this – perhaps its de combination of salty smoked salmon with crunchy refreshing salad. i just like this wrap alot.

avocado chicken caesar wrap (S$9) and iced chocolate (S$5)

recently i tried to be adventurous and ordered de avocado chicken caesar wrap. its good. plenty of avocado. but de texture is not right – too mushy – de chicken and de avocado. however de flavor was still good and i finished it all.

masala chicken salad (S$3.50 with any sandwich ordered) and iced lemon tea (S$3.80)

toast also boasts a good selection of salad and two daily soups. i have tried a couple of the salad – they were pretty good. i tried de masala chicken salad a couple of weeks ago – it was not too bad. even though de masala taste was non-existent, de chicken was moist and de accompany cucumber and tomato were nice and fresh. for de soup, i only tried de mushroom soup – all i can say – skip it. diluted and tasted like campbell.

elvis cupcake (S$4.20) and smoked salmon wrap (S$7)

one thing i always love from toast (and marmalade pantry) is elvis – a chocolate banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting. i am not a big fan of cupcakes because of de unecessary frosting. but i like this one. de cake is moist and loaded with cut banana (not puree) thus making it everything light which went very well with peanut butter frosting which is thick but not overly sweet. now that i can eat.

#02-11 ngee ann city
391 orchard road
mon – fri – 8am – 7pm; sat – 9am – 7pm; sun – 10am – 6pm
oub centre #01-09
1 raffles place
mon – fri – 8am – 6pm; sat – 8am – 3pm

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