sweet loots from sweet friends

sometimes, when my friends travel, they will ask me if i wanted anything from so-and-so place. my friend, C, recently made a trip to taiwan and i asked her to bring me back some tai-yang bin aka sun biscuits. these babies are only native to taiwan (as far as i know). gosh was i happy to see them! they are flaky pastries with a sweet paste inside. oooh de milky taste. yummmy.

loots from taiwan

tai-yang bin rocks!

in addition, to de sun biscuits, C also got me some mochi (and a harmonica, non edible of course). i am alright with de mochi. no love but i still ate it all.

pretty bowl from uzbekistan

my friend, K, also recently returned from de exotic land of uzbekistan and seoul (exotic is only applicable to uzbekistan not seoul. ha). i got a little pottery bowl and a box of tea from uzbekistan.

loots from uzbekistan and seoul

from seoul, i got seaweed (wasabi, kimchi and bbq flavored), and my requested crunch punch. its my first time having strawberry flavored crunch punch (i didnt know this flavor existed). its not too bad but i still favored de white chocolate one.

this weekend is sweeet with these lovely loots from these wonderful folks.


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