where shopping meets eating

every time i stepped into ikea, i must eat something from there or walk away with some food. this trip, i done both.

i took an evening trip to ikea to suss out some new shelves for my room. i stopped by de cafe to get some grub. i took de daily special – grilled fish with roast potatoes and vegetables. i cannot remember if i had this dish before. i quite like ikea serving of fish – especially de fish and chips. they rock.

daily special - S$5.50

unfortunately this version of grilled fish did not rock my world. the sauce was watery and salty. and they did not drained de vegetables properly thus some of de liquid made it to de plate. de portion was also rather miserable. for once i have to say, thank god for chilli sauce. it made everything more tasty.

chicken wings - S$2.80

another thing i did was i doggy bagged 2 chicken wings (fyi, ikea only sells them in pair or 6 pieces). de miserable grilled fish left me wanting more. to be more specific, wanting something really yummy. i know i can rely on de chicken wing. i took one out. its good to know that they did not mess around with de favorites. de chicken wings were  nicely cooked, juicy and flavorful.

hotdog - S$1

after my walkaround in ikea, i couldnt resist getting a hotdog. a trip to ikea = must eat hotdog (and they are pork free). slap some chilli and mustard, its good to go. nice, warm, delicious hotdog.

despite de disappointing daily special (note to self: always check what they are serving and stick with favorite), de hotdog and chicken wings saved de day. now if only they can make their famous meatball pork free … hmmmm.

ikea singapore
alexandra branch
317 alexandra road
10am – 10pm
tampines branch
60 tampines north drive 2
10am – 11pm

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